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Pictavia Brechin Angus

Pictavia Brechin Angus
Pictavia tells the story of Scotlands Ancient Pictish People in an attractive Countryside Park.
See the Art of the Picts, hear and see sounds of the battle of Dunnichen AD 685 where the Picts defeated the Northumbrians. See Pictish standing stones and jewellery.
Pictavia is located off the A90 at Brechin. Tel 01356 626 241.
The Picts, ancient inhabitants of northern and central Scotland, flourished between the seventh and ninth centuries to produce some astonishingly beautiful art. They turned their sophisticated craftsmanship, which featured a love of intricate patterns, to decorative metalwork items of personal adornment, such as brooches, hairpins, and necklaces, in silver, enamel, and bronze. In addition, their sculpture encompassed carvings of animals, birds, and plants interwoven with abstract motifs on stone sarcophagi and crosses. This excellent book, by George Henderson and Isabel Henderson, provides a thorough and scholarly history of the Pictish contribution to Insular art, details the influence of the Picts on their Irish and Scandinavian neighbours, and further explores the relationship of Pictish symbolism with that used in contemporary manuscripts such as the Book of Kells. With more than three hundred illustrations, the book will be of lasting interest to art historians, archaeologists, and the general reader
Art of the Picts

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Arbroath Forfar Railway

Arbroath Forfar Railway
The Arbroath and Forfar line opened in 1839, and before long it was possible to travel from Dundee to Forfar without the need to change trains. The Arbroath and Forfar Railway was soon taken over, eventually by the Caledonian Railway, but its position on the principal route between Glasgow and Aberdeen ensured that at least part of its line would remain open until 1967. The Kirriemuir branch train services tended to be centred on the Forfar-Arbroath-Dundee axis, so it has been included. The Dundee to Forfar Direct line is also described. The book is presented in A5 format and consists of 240 pages which include more than 150 photographs, plans etc. It has a full laminated colour card cover with a square-backed spine.
Order on Amazon at the Arbroath Angus Bookshop.